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Back from my short holiday trip to London. Had an absolute amazing time (and even managed to get an autograph from my favourite actor whom I saw on stage. *yay*). Eating-wise I think I did ok. Went mostly for the veggie dishes and salads. I won't know for sure until tomorrow when it's time for the weigh-in. A little early this week as I'm going to visit my parents this weekend and won't be able to do it on Saturday.
Exercise in London was great. Lots and lots and lots of walking. One day completely without bus or tube, the other day only a few short drives, the rest walking. Oh how I felt my feet (and unfortunately my hips as well) in the evenings.

As planned I joined the WW online programme again. For now I'm really good at keeping my points journal. Hope I can keep it that way next week when I'll have to start working again (amazing how fast a 3 week holiday can be over!). Plus: my Points Calculator arrived. Bought it on ebay, as the official store currently doesn't seem to sell it. Of course it didn't arrive in time for the UK trip :(

This weekend's challenge will be 'surviving' my birthday party without major sins. But my mother is really supportive right now, she sure won't object against any dinner plans I make. For my father... I'll think of something ;)
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Week 1

So now week one is over. Time for a short update:

- I still don't drink enough most of the days
- yesterday I only ate half of my points, because an annoying problem with some blocked pipes spoiled my appetite for dinner

+ I managed to stick to my plans for most of the week. No impulsive buying of food that wasn't in my allowed range of points
+ I had some work out. Not the usual way in a centre, but lifting heavy boxes when my company moved into a new building
+ I found out that the pantries in that building are equipped with microwaves. So in the future there's not only salads and sandwiches for lunch, but also the possibility of warming up leftovers from the day before etc.
+ a new swimming centre opened in Hamburg a few months ago and it's in good walking distance to the new offices
+ there's a bike rental station directly in front of the building. Already used it yesterday to ride around a bit in the city
++ I'm on holiday now for 3 weeks. No annoying colleagues who can make bad jokes about 'WW users staying single' (that was because of the smell of onions that came from my lunch btw)

+++ Down from 266 lbs to 261 lbs, meaning I've lost 5 lbs in my first week! *is happy and motivated to keep going*

Day 3+4

No post yesterday. Was just knackered when I came home. My company is moving into new offices this week and I'll be so glad if it's all done. The hectic and panic some people manage to spread - unbelievable. I'm pretty sure the movers won't forget to pack certain boxes, I so don't care that we're not allowed to have our own coffee machines in the offices (that's what the pantry is for, guys and girls!), and who the hell cares if the time clock is on ground floor or 2nd floor? Fortunately I'm only going to be in the office until Friday, then I'm on holiday for 3 weeks. So maybe some of that tizzy has blown over when I come back.

Still: despite all trouble managed to stick to my plan. One of my colleagues of course immediately asked if I'm doing WW when she saw my breakfast (muesli *yummy*), and wished me luck keeping it up. Didn't really expect that from her, she's usually one with a sharp tongue.

Yesterday's menu:
Muesli with pears (5 P)
Tortellini salad (7 P)
Goulash soup (7 P)
banana (1 P)

I definitely need to find ways to up my points, otherwise my body will probably go into 'eco mode' soon. Will probably take 'normal' yogurt instead of low-fat, that will bring me another 1,5 P for breakfast.

Today's menu:
more muesli (I love that stuff, will probably eat it every day until I can't see it anymore *shrugs*) - 5 P
rice salad with mango - 7 P
schnitzel with broccoli and rice - 7 P
banana - 1 P
and to get some more points - 4 mint chocolates - 2 P

Tomorrow's challenge: we're going to have lunch in our office. Some of my colleagues want to order pizza (oh noez!), but I'm with the ones who are going to get Chinese. At least a little better, but it will still be around 12-13 points. Oh well, I saved a lot of points over the last days, I'm going to use them for this.

Day 2

Just a short roundup of day two, before I settle on my sofa and watch tonight's episode of 'Criminal Minds':

Pretty much everything went according to plan, with only one slip: working out.
I had planned on doing a long walk, but instead when I was outside the cold air was no good for me and I ended up inside after only half an hour with my inner ears hurting. I feel silly wearing a cap in October (with the temperature being around 6 degrees celsius), but I guess I'll have to or else that kind of 'workout' is out of order.
Oh well, even those half hour of brisk walking gained me 2 points.

Today's menu:
Muesli with pears and yoghurt (5 P)
Vegetable rice with codfish (6,5 P)
4 After Eight mint chocolates (2 P)
Goulash with spaetzle (6 P)

Makes an overall 19,5 points, which isn't really enough, considering I'm only allowed to save up to 4 points a day (and there's the 2 points I got for the walk). So I'm allowing myself a little TV snack now, 4 more mint chocolates. Sums up to 21,5 points.

Drinking was better today as well. Still not perfect, but better.

Plan for tomorrow: 'survive' the first WW day in the office. Should be fine though, I prepared lunch, and tomorrow's dinner is already in the fridge as well - no need for impulsive buying of kebabs or something then.
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Day 1

Nearly off to bed. Before that a short resume of day 1 on my way to a healthier weight:

Starting weight, as measured this morning, is 120,6 kg.
My current BMI is 37,5 - healthy would be 24!

I re-did the WW points calculations - I'm allowed 24 points a day (actually 25, but those 0,6 kg over 120 I hope to lose this week and so I would have to go down to 24 next week anyway. Might as well do it now).

Forgot how much of a work out the shopping for WW is if you don't have a car. I guess I carried about 10 kg of food (at least) home today. And if you're laking some basic stuff, such as cornflakes, vegetable stock, tomato purree etc, it's pretty expensive, too. Spent almost 50 Euros on grocery shopping. But I know from experience that it gets better as soon as I've stocked up on those basics. So no need to worry.

Plus I treated myself with something to make cooking more fun: a new knife. My kitchen isn't very well equipped, and a good knife for cutting meat was one thing missing. Of course I tried it out when I made lunch: fantastic! Goes through everything as if it were nothing.
Later went to the cinema, and managed to stay away from the bar. No popcorn or coke for me today. (The movie was rubbish, though...)

What didn't work out today? Drinking, definitely. I didn't drink enough water at all. Maybe 1 litre over the entire day. I'll try making a pot of tea tomorrow and empty at least that one. For work bottled water might be best. That way I could keep account of what I drink better. 1 1/2 litres during a work day should be ok.

Today's menu:
some leftover Pringles (yeah, I know... that was before the shock with the scales). Estimated 4 points for those.
Matjes herring with potatoes in the skin - 11 P
Scrambled eggs with vegetables - 5,5 P
2 glasses of orange juice - 2 P

makes a total of 22,5 P. So even if the Pringles were maybe 5 or 6 points, that's ok.

Ok... so here's the first entry

Not a lj newbie, I have one other account (mostly for fangirling some of my favourite tv shows and actors).
This one I set up for a completely different thing, though: I want/need to lose weight. And not just a little, but quite a lot. I haven't stepped onto my scales for half a year now (battery is used up...), but the last time I did it, my weight was at more than 110 kg (height 1,79m), and I'm guessing it's not better now. Probably even a lot worse. Now, in theory I know perfectly well how to lose weight. The practical side... well, let's just say I'm easily distracted or put off.

So this journal is my attempt to keep me focused on my task. Everything even remotely weight-loss related will go in here, being happy over the success if I actually lost weight, ranting about stress at work I'm trying to keep at bay, whining when I don't succeed in the way I was hoping for or being proud on finally getting my ass off the sofa and exercise.
The journal will be open to all mostly, but some things (pics for example) will definitely be friends only.

More details are soon to come, but for now (it's 10am here), I need to do the grocery shopping for this weekend. And a new battery for the scales. Oh dear...

Oh, one last thing: I'm sticking to Weight Watchers. I can't actually afford the group meetings right now, but I've got lots of their recipes etc. from an earlier weight-loss attempt a few years ago and know how this works. And yes, I know they changed some things in their programme; a colleague of mine is keeping me up to date on that a little, so this shouldwill work.

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